Vikas Badiger


A photographer who started a passion project called Faces of Bengaluru, a photo blog of people from Namma Bengaluru. In 2020, he decided to quit his job and become a Documentary Filmmaker and his films often revolve around narratives of change, shedding light on pressing social issues and inspiring audiences to reflect upon the world around them.

1. Kathegala Kanive – Short Documentary – Cinematographer and Director
2. The Spirit Circle – Feature Documentary – Cinematographer and Director
3. Thou Shalt Not Steel – Feature Documentary – Director
4. Gokarna, Beyond the Beaches – Short Documentary – Cinematographer
5. Homegrown – The Docu Series – Director and Executive Producer
6. Namma Blues – Feature Documentary – Director and Cinematographer
7. Sonu and Beyond – Short Documentary – Director
8. Kannada Elri – Short Fiction – Executive Producer
9. 15 Minutes – Short Fiction – Cinematographer and Executive Producer